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2009 Ford Fusion Fog Light Assembly

Our 2006-2009 Ford Fusion fog Light Assembly will allow you to add a right passenger side fog Light to your vehicle, this top grade add-on will provide you with the necessary Light to see in the dark. The fog Light will add an extra bit of Light to your vehicle and make it easier to see.

2009 Ford Fusion Fog Light Assembly Amazon

This is an 2009 Ford Fusion fog Light assembly, the fog Light Assembly is used to indicate the level of in the area. It is located above the car's headlights, the fog Light is a plastic and metal design with a Light up green Light and a green darth vader sticker on the top. It is about size of a small battery and gives a green "fusion" logo on the front, the Light is age-wearable and works with the car's carafe. The morimoto xb fog Light kit is designed to add a touch of fog to your vehicles 2005-2022, this kit is part of our morimoto pure white fog Light series and reflects 000 lumens of power in a cold-weather appearance. The kit is facile to operate and requires no installation, and can be used for both direct-lit and reflector-lit vehicles, the fog Light is compatible with both the morimoto xb entertainment package and the morimoto xb navigation package. This is an 2009 Ford Fusion with a front right left hand fog Light lamp Assembly set 2, the Assembly set includes the following: front right hand fog Light lamp, left hand fog Light lamp, and mounting bracket. This will help keep your car clean and free of fogged up lights, the Assembly is chrome bezel lh drivers and is tested for quality and performance. It is an unrivaled addition to your car.